EN 1078-2012 自行车赛车手防护帽和滑板及轮滑鞋运动防护帽

  EN 1078-2012 自行车赛车手防护帽和滑板及轮滑鞋运动防护帽
  BS EN 1078:2012+A1:2012
  Helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates
  This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for helmets worn by users of pedal cycles, skateboards and roller skates. Requirements and the corresponding methods of test are given for the following: – construction, including field of vision; – shock absorbing properties; – retention system properties, including chin strap and fastening devices; – marking and information.
  Standard Number BS EN 1078:2012+A1:2012
  TitleHelmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates
  StatusConfirmed, Current
  Publication Date 29 February 2012
  Conformity to regulation Designated
  Confirm Date 22 November 2017
  Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 960:2006, ISO 6487
  Informative References(Provided for Information)89/686/EEC, EN ISO 4892-2, ISO 4892-3, ISO 4892-2, ISO 4892-1, EN ISO 4892-3, EN ISO 4892-1
  BS EN 1078:2012+A1:2012标准
  标准编号BS EN 1078:2012+A1:2012
  规范性引用文件(要求符合本标准)EN 960:2006,ISO 6487
  参考文献(供参考)89/686/EEC、EN ISO 4892-2、ISO 4892-3、ISO 4892-2、ISO 4892-1、EN ISO 4892-3、EN ISO 4892-1