EN 1096-3-2012 建筑物玻璃.涂层玻璃.第3部分:C、D类涂层的要求和试验方法

  EN 1096-3-2012 建筑物玻璃.涂层玻璃.第3部分:C、D类涂层的要求和试验方法
  【标准号】:EN 1096-3-2012
  This European Standard specifies requirements and a test method related to resistance to solar radiation for coated glass for use in buildings. This test is aimed at evaluating if the exposure to solar radiation over an extended period of time produces any appreciable change in light transmittance and solar transmittance of the coated glass as well as a reduction of the infrared reflectance in the case of low emissivity coatings. This European Standard applies to Class C and D coatings as defined in EN 1096-1 and used in insulating glass units.
  本欧洲标准规定了建筑物用镀膜玻璃耐太阳辐射的要求和试验方法。本试验旨在评估长时间暴露在太阳辐射下是否会导致镀膜玻璃的透光率和太阳透光率发生任何明显变化,以及在低发射率涂层的情况下红外反射率的降低。本欧洲标准适用于EN 1096-1中定义的用于中空玻璃装置的C级和D级涂层。
  Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)
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  Informative References(Provided for Information)
  ISO 9060