EN 13781-2012 雪地汽车和滑雪长橇的驾驶员和乘客用防护帽

  EN 13781-2012 雪地汽车和滑雪长橇的驾驶员和乘客用防护帽
  BS EN 13781:2012
  Protective helmets for drivers and passengers of snowmobiles and bobsleighs
  What is this standard about?
  BS EN 13781:2012 specifies requirements and test methods to assess the performance of protective helmets for drivers and passengers using snowmobiles and bobsleighs.
  Who is this standard for?
  Product designers
  Helmet manufacturers
  Helmet testing and health and safety industries
  Sport venues
  Snowmobile and bobsleigh operators and users
  Why should you use this standard?
  Clearly the wearing of a protective helmet can reduce the risk of injury to the skull and part of the head surrounded by the helmet. The protection given by a helmet depends on the circumstances of the accident and wearing a helmet cannot always prevent death or long-term disability – however a proportion of the energy of an impact is absorbed by a helmet, thereby reducing the force of the blow sustained by the head.
  BS EN 13781:2012 provides guidance and the most up-to-date recommendations to achieve the maximum performance of which a helmet is capable. Test methods and performance guidelines also help ensure stability on the head and that a helmet is as closely fitting as possible consistent with comfort.
  What’s changed since the last update?
  BS EN 13781:2012 has been fully revised by experts to bring it up to date with technological developments and industry best practice.
  Standard Number
  BS EN 13781:2012
  TitleProtective helmets for drivers and passengers of snowmobiles and bobsleighs
  StatusConfirmed, Current
  Publication Date
  29 February 2012
  Conformity to regulation
  Confirm Date
  22 November 2017
  Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)
  EN 960:2006, ISO 6487, EN 13087-6:2012, EN 352-1, EN 13178