EN 1385-2012 赛艇及野外水上运动用头盔

  EN 1385-2012 赛艇及野外水上运动用头盔
  BS EN 1385:2012
  Helmets for canoeing and white water sports
  This European Standard specifies requirements for helmets for canoeing and white water sports for use in waters of classes 1 to 4 as classified by Clause 4. The levels of protection recognise that most fatalities in canoeing and white water sports result from drowning after concussion and not from brain damage. This European Standard is not intended to apply to helmets for use in extreme white water situations such as those where the jumping of high waterfalls is undertaken, because the need for impact absorption for such a helmet, and the area of the head to be protected, are greater than those for most canoeing and white water sports. The standard applies to helmets with and without holes in the shell. NOTE This European Standard does not provide performance requirements for visors, chin-guards or face-guards.
  Standard Number BS EN 1385:2012
  TitleHelmets for canoeing and white water sports
  StatusConfirmed, Current
  Publication Date 31 May 2012
  Conformity to regulation Designated
  Confirm Date 22 November 2017
  Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)
  EN 960:2006, ISO 6487
  Informative References(Provided for Information)
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  BS EN 1385:2012标准
  标准编号BS EN 1385:2012
  EN 960:2006,ISO 6487
  ISO 4892-3、ISO 4892-2、89/686/EEC、ISO 4892-1、EN ISO 4892-3、EN ISO 4892-1、EN ISO 4892-2