EN 1570-1-2011 升降台安全要求.第1部分:提供有两个固定着陆装置的升降台

  BS EN 1570-1:2011+A1:2014
  Safety requirements for lifting tables. Lifting tables serving up to two fixed landings
  1.1 This European Standard specifies the safety requirements for industrial lifting tables for raising and/or lowering goods and the operator(s):
  where the lifting table does not pass a fixed landing;
  serving not more than 2 fixed landings.
  1.2 This European Standard deals with all significant hazards pertinent to lifting tables when they are used as intended by the operating instructions and under the conditions foreseen (including foreseeable misuse) with the operating instructions (see Clause 4). This European Standard specifies the appropriate technical measures to eliminate or reduce the risks arising from the significant hazards.
  1.3 Both power operated and manually operated lifting tables are included whether stationary or mobile.
  1.4 This European Standard does not apply to the following equipment:
  lifting tables, serving more than 2 fixed landings of a building, for lifting goods with a vertical travel speed not exceeding 0,15 m/s ( EN 1570?2);
  lifting tables, serving more than 2 fixed landings of a building for lifting operators, with a vertical travel speed not exceeding 0,15 m/s ( EN 1570?3);
  lifting tables carrying operators and installed in full enclosures ( EN 1570?3);
  permanently and temporarily installed lifting tables, serving specific levels of a building for lifting operators, with a vertical travel speed exceeding 0,15 m/s ( EN 81?1 and EN 81?2);
  lifting tables with flat or toothed belts lifting systems for the carrying of operators;
  lifting tables whose vertical travel speed exceeds 0,15 m/s (unless safe by position and non person carrying);
  power operated lifting platforms for persons with impaired mobility ( EN 81?41);
  mobile lifting tables for airport ground support equipment ( EN 1915?2 and EN 12312?1);
  lifting tables which are designed as part of a lift according to Directive ( 95/16/EC);
  lifting tables used on ships;
  mobile elevating work platforms ( EN 280);
  static elevating work platforms;
  vehicle lifts for maintenance ( EN 1493);
  mobile lifting tables used for fire fighting ( EN 1777);
  mobile lifting tables used as fork lift trucks and order pickers;
  mobile lifting tables with a horizontal travelling speed of more than 1,6 m/s;
  rail dependent storage and retrieval equipment ( EN 528);
  theatre stage lifts intended to move performers;
  scissor lift pallet trucks ( EN ISO 3691?5);
  suspended lifting tables;
  lifting tables operated by pushing chains.
  1.5 This standard does not establish the additional requirements for:
  electromagnetic compatibility;
  operation in severe conditions (e.g. extreme climates, freezer applications, strong magnetic fields);
  operation subject to special rules (e.g. potentially explosive atmospheres, mines);
  handling of loads, the nature of which could lead to dangerous situations (e.g. molten metal, acids, radiating materials, especially brittle loads);
  hazards occurring during construction, transportation and disposal;
  equipment installed on the load platform or replacing it;
  integration into systems or other machines, control from more than two control stations, etc.;
  cable-less controls;
  lifting tables where the hydraulic pressure is derived directly from gas pressure;
  the power supply to the lifting table by internal combustion engine.
  BS EN 1570-1:2011+A1:2014标准
  升降台,用于建筑物的2个以上固定平台,用于垂直移动速度不超过0.15 m/s的货物的升降(EN 1570-2);
  升降台,为起重操作人员提供一座建筑物的2个以上固定平台,垂直移动速度不超过0.15 m/s(EN 1570-3);
  装有操作人员并安装在完整外壳中的升降台(EN 1570?3);
  永久性和临时性安装的升降台,供升降操作人员使用,垂直移动速度超过0.15 m/s(EN 81-1和EN 81-2);
  垂直移动速度超过0.15 m/s的升降台(除非位置安全且无人搬运);
  机动障碍人士用电动升降平台(EN 81?41);
  机场地面支持设备用移动升降台(EN 1915-2和EN 12312-1);
  移动升降工作平台(EN 280);
  维护用车辆升降机(EN 1493);
  消防用移动升降台(EN 1777);
  水平移动速度超过1.6 m/s的移动升降台;
  铁路相关存储和检索设备(EN 528);
  剪式升降托盘车(EN ISO 3691?5);