EN 1096-2-2012 建筑物玻璃.涂层玻璃.第2部分:A、B、S级涂层要求和试验方法

  EN 1096-2-2012 建筑物玻璃.涂层玻璃.第2部分:A、B、S级涂层要求和试验方法
  This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods related to artificial weathering and abrasion of coatings on glass for use in buildings. These tests are aimed at evaluating the resistance of the coating to attack by simulated natural weathering conditions as well as to abrasion. This attack can be considered as representative of that which could be found on the external and/or internal face of the glazing. This European Standard applies to Class A, B and S coatings, as described in EN 1096-1.
  本欧洲标准规定了与建筑物用玻璃涂层的人工风化和磨损有关的要求和试验方法。这些试验旨在评估涂层的耐模拟自然风化条件的侵蚀性以及耐磨性。这种侵蚀可被视为嵌装玻璃外表面和/或内表面上的侵蚀的代表。本欧洲标准适用于EN 1096-1中所述的A级、B级和S级涂层。
  Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)
  EN 410, EN 12898, EN 1096-1:2012
  Informative References(Provided for Information)
  EN ISO 9227:2006, ISO 9227:2006