EN ISO 7051-2011 十字槽半沉头(椭圆头)自攻螺钉

  EN ISO 7051-2011 十字槽半沉头(椭圆头)自攻螺钉
  Cross-recessed raised countersunk (oval) head tapping screws
  BS EN ISO 7051:2011
  Normative References
  Required to achieve compliance to this standard
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  Informative References
  No other standards are informatively referenced
  Product Details
  Dimensions, Recessed-head fasteners, Designations, Countersunk fasteners, Thread pitch, Oval-head fasteners, Fasteners, Self-tapping screws, Cruciform-head fasteners, Threaded fasteners, External-thread fasteners, Dimensional tolerances, Threads, Raised-head fasteners, Preferred sizes
  ICS Codes
  21.060.10 Bolts, screws, studs
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