EN ISO 10517-2019 动力驱动手持式树篱修边机.安全性

  EN ISO 10517-2019 动力驱动手持式树篱修边机.安全性
  Powered hand-held hedge trimmers. Safety
  BS EN ISO 10517:2019
  Normative References
  Required to achieve compliance to this standard
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  Informative References
  Provided for Information
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  Product Details
  Heat protection, Horticultural equipment, Blades, Mechanically-operated devices, Cutter bars, Marking, Vibration measurement, Machine tools, Hedge trimmers, Hazards, Internal combustion engines, Equipment safety, Safety measures, Instructions for use, Safety devices, Occupational safety, Handles, Portable machine tools, Forestry equipment, Gardening equipment
  ICS Codes
  65.060.70 Horticultural equipment
  978 0 539 13453 7