EN ISO 19432-2008便携、手持式的切断机.安全性要求和试验

  EN ISO 19432-2020便携、手持式的切断机.安全性要求和试验
  Building construction machinery and equipment. Portable, hand-held, internal combustion engine-driven abrasive cutting machines – Safety requirements for cut-off machines for centre-mounted rotating abrasive wheels
  BS EN ISO 19432-1:2020
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  Product Details
  Parting tools, Vibration hazards, Thermal protection, Testing, Grinding wheels, Construction equipment, Occupational safety, Machine guards, Cutting tools, Equipment safety, Sawing machines, Internal combustion engines, Instructions for use, Single-point cutting tools, Safety measures, Control devices, Safety devices, Portable machine tools, Verification, Noise (environmental), Manually-operated devices, Hazards, Parting-off wheels
  ICS Codes
  91.220 Construction equipment
  978 0 580 98654 3