EN 13684-2018 园艺设备.可在侧面控制的草坪通气机和松土机

  EN 13684-2018 园艺设备.可在侧面控制的草坪通气机和松土机
  Garden equipment. Pedestrian controlled lawn aerators and scarifiers. Safety
  BS EN 13684:2018
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  Informative References
  Provided for Information
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  Product Details
  Lawn-mowers, Electrically-operated devices, Horticultural equipment, Pedestrian-controlled systems, Verification, Design, Safety measures, Gardening equipment, Hazards, Equipment safety, Internal combustion engines, Scarifiers, Instructions for use
  ICS Codes
  65.060.70 Horticultural equipment
  978 0 539 02150 9