EN 1777-2010 消防和救援服务用液压平台(HPs).安全性要求和试验

  EN 1777-2010 消防和救援服务用液压平台(HPs).安全性要求和试验
  Hydraulic platforms (HPs) for fire fighting and rescue services. Safety requirements and testing
  BS EN 1777:2010
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  Product Details
  Firefighting vehicles, Hoists, Testing, Stability, Occupational safety, Instructions for use, Equipment safety, Mobile working platforms, Fire rescue appliances, Verification, Firefighting equipment, Rescue equipment, Hazards, Structural design, Loading, Hydraulically-operated devices, Passenger hoists
  ICS Codes
  13.220.10 Fire-fighting
  978 0 580 59458 8