EN 1829-1-2021 高压喷水机械.安全要求.第1部分:机械

  EN 1829-1-2021 高压喷水机械.安全要求.第1部分:机械
  High-pressure water jet machines. Safety requirements – Machines
  BS EN 1829-1:2021
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  Product Details
  Safety measures, Electrical safety, Occupational safety, Instructions for use, Industrial, Pumps, Testing conditions, Pressure equipment, Verification, Internal combustion engines, Electrically-operated devices, Surface treatment, Equipment safety, Jets, Hazards, Pressure testing, Cleaning equipment, Water, Marking
  ICS Codes
  43.180 Diagnostic, maintenance and test equipment
  97.080 Cleaning appliances
  978 0 539 00478 6