EN 710-2010 铸造制模和制芯机械和设备安全性要求

  EN 710-2010 铸造制模和制芯机械和设备安全性要求
  Safety requirements for foundry moulding and coremaking machinery and plant and associated equipment
  BS EN 710:1997+A1:2010
  Normative References
  Required to achieve compliance to this standard
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  Machine guards, Handbooks, Dust, Occupational safety, Dangerous materials, Fumes, Hazards, Moulding equipment, Safety measures, Foundry engineering, Equipment safety, Control systems, Marking, Vibration hazards, Foundry equipment, Fire safety, Instructions for use, Gases, Verification, Pneumatic equipment, Noise (environmental), Safety devices, Technical data sheets
  ICS Codes
  25.120.30 Moulding equipment
  978 0 580 80586 8