EN 1247-2010 离心铸造机,连续和半连续铸造机的安全性要求

  EN 1247-2010 离心铸造机,连续和半连续铸造机的安全性要求
  Foundry machinery. Safety requirements for ladles, pouring equipment, centrifugal casting machines, continuous and semi continuous casting machines
  BS EN 1247:2004+A1:2010
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  Centrifugal casting, Equipment safety, Continuous casting, Safety devices, Ladles (materials handling equipment), Design, Machine guards, Moulding equipment, Foundry engineering, Hazards, Interlocks, Cooling systems, Marking, Control systems, Occupational safety, Instructions for use, Safety measures, Explosions, Verification, Name plates, Foundry equipment, Casting (process), Installation, Control equipment, Approval testing, Handbooks, Inspection
  ICS Codes
  25.120.30 Moulding equipment
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