EN 1536-2010 特殊土工工作的实施.螺旋钻孔桩

  EN 1536-2010 特殊土工工作的实施.螺旋钻孔桩

  Execution of special geotechnical work. Bored piles

  BS EN 1536:2010+A1:2015

  Normative References

  Required to achieve compliance to this standard

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  ISO/DIS 22477-1

  Informative References

  Provided for Information

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  Pile driving, Excavations, Grouting, Steels, Loading, Bentonite, Tolerances (measurement), Soil mechanics, Blast-furnace cement, Foundations, Construction operations, Site investigations, Cements, Aggregates, Records (documents), Reinforcement, Design, Excavating, Portland cement, Piles, Concretes, Piling, Circular shape, Structural systems, Polymers, Metal sections, Boring

  ICS Codes

  93.020 Earthworks. Excavations. Foundation construction. Underground works




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