EN 13329-2021 叠层地板覆盖物.氨基塑料热固树胶基表层元件

  EN 13329-2021 叠层地板覆盖物.氨基塑料热固树胶基表层元件

  Laminate floor coverings. Elements with a surface layer based on aminoplastic thermosetting resins. Specifications, requirements and test methods

  BS EN 13329:2016+A2:2021

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  Symbols, Thermosetting polymers, Laminates, Surface properties, Dimensions, Panel flooring, Classification systems, Dimensional measurement, Wear tests, Packaging, Floor coverings, Marking, Sheet flooring, Flatness (surface), Wear resistance, Impact testing, Aminoplasts

  ICS Codes

  97.150 Non-textile floor coverings




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