EN 1265-2008 机械安全性.铸造机械和设备用噪声试验规范

  EN 1265-2008 机械安全性.铸造机械和设备用噪声试验规范

  BS EN 1265:1999+A1:2008

  Safety of machinery. Noise test code for foundry machines and equipment

  Normative References

  Required to achieve compliance to this standard

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  Reports, Test specimens, Position, Acoustic properties and phenomena, Blasting, Air, Work stations, Working conditions (physical), Specimen preparation, Occupational safety, Accuracy, Core drills, Noise (environmental), Abrasion, Sound intensity, Die casting, Formulae (mathematics), Moulding equipment, Vibration, Verification, Seatings, Reproducibility, Foundry equipment, Machine tool components, Noise control (acoustic), Installation, Acoustic measurement, Acoustics, Testing conditions, Casting (process), Test equipment, Grinding wheels, Foundry engineering

  ICS Codes

  17.140.20 Noise emitted by machines and equipment

  25.120.30 Moulding equipment




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