EN 12733-2009 农业机械和林业机械.步行控制电动割草机的安全性

  EN 12733-2009 农业机械和林业机械.步行控制电动割草机的安全性

  BS EN 12733:2018 – TC

  Agricultural and forestry machinery. Pedestrian controlled motor mowers. Safety

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  Informative References

  Provided for Information

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  Horticultural equipment, Mowers, Instructions for use, Cutting, Manual control systems, Equipment safety, Performance testing, Internal combustion engines, Reciprocating parts, Pedestrian-controlled systems, Electrically-operated devices, Agricultural equipment, Harvesting equipment, Hazards, Blades, Forestry equipment, Rotating parts, Occupational safety, Verification

  ICS Codes

  65.060.50 Harvesting equipment




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