EN 1218-2-2009 第2部分:通过链条给料的两端凸榫和/或仿形机

  EN 1218-2-2009 第2部分:通过链条给料的两端凸榫和/或仿形机

  BS EN 1218-2:2004+A1:2009

  Safety of woodworking machines. Tenoning machines – Double end tenoning and/or profiling machines fed by chain or chains

  Normative References

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  BS EN 1218-1:1999+A1:2009

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  Accident prevention, Machines working by stock removal, Machine tool components, Tenons, Wood products, Tenoning machines, Occupational safety, Hazards, Machine tools, Cutting tools, Plywood, Woodworking machines, Equipment safety, Safety measures, Safety devices, Fibre building board, Chain drives, Chipboards, Tenon-driven cutters

  ICS Codes

  79.120.10 Woodworking machines



  International relationships

  Identical to:

  EN 1218-2:2004+A1:2009


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