EN 1495-2009 升降平台.桅杆攀爬工作平台

  EN 1495-2009 升降平台.桅杆攀爬工作平台

  BS EN 1495:1997+A2:2009

  Lifting platforms. Mast climbing work platforms

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  Hydraulically-operated devices, Guard rails, Sound intensity, Structural steels, Pressure, Pneumatically-operated devices, Drums (materials handling equipment), Brakes, Control devices, Stability, Electrical equipment, Handbooks, Flexible pipes, Verification, Wire ropes, Pneumatic transmission systems, Bolts, Control systems, Hazards, Equipment safety, Safety devices, Mast hoists, Passenger hoists, Stress analysis, Overload, Hydraulic transmission systems, Lifting equipment, Marking, Inspection, Gear drives, Occupational safety, Design calculations, Mechanical testing, Type testing, Circuits, Control switches, Loading, Instructions for use, Wind loading, Velocity, Lifting chains, Mathematical calculations, Dimensions, Materials handling components, Mechanical transmission systems, Factor of safety, Aluminium alloys, Structural design, Mobile working platforms, Design, Yield strength

  ICS Codes

  53.020.99 Other lifting equipment



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  Identical to:

  EN 1495:1997+A2:2009

  EN 1495:1997+A2:2009/AC:2010


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