EN 1218-4-2009 木工机械的安全.制榫机.第4部分:链式送料边缘铁条打捆机

  EN 1218-4-2009 木工机械的安全.制榫机.第4部分:链式送料边缘铁条打捆机

  BS EN 12184:2022 – TC

  Electrically powered wheelchairs, scooters and their chargers. Requirements and test methods

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  Required to achieve compliance to this standard

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  Motor cycles, Vehicle lights, Inclined, Stability testing, Braking systems, Grades (quality), Noise (environmental), Wheelchairs, Medical equipment, Angles (geometry), Velocity, Electrically-operated devices, Feet (anatomy), Instructions for use, Electrical testing, Water-resistance tests, Weight (mass), Seating, Battery chargers, Corrosion, Mechanical testing, Electrical safety, Vehicle reflectors, Control equipment, Aids for the disabled, Dimensions, Handbooks, Testing conditions, Design, Position, Control devices, Acoustic testing, Performance, Ergonomics, Performance testing, Test dummies

  ICS Codes

  11.180.10 Aids and adaptation for moving



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  EN 12184


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