EN 13736-2009 机械工具安全.气压机构

  EN 13736-2009 机械工具安全.气压机构

  BS EN ISO 13736:2021+A1:2022

  Determination of flash point. Abel closed-cup method

  Normative References

  Required to achieve compliance to this standard

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  Informative References

  Provided for Information

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  Flammable materials, Testing conditions, Chemical analysis and testing, Reproducibility, Flash point, Petroleum products, Thermometers, Verification, Position, Test equipment, Petroleum, Statistical methods of analysis, Liquids, Flash point determination, Abel flash point apparatus

  ICS Codes

  75.080 Petroleum products in general



  International relationships

  Identical to:

  EN ISO 13736:2021/A1:2022

  ISO 13736:2021/Amd.1:2022


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