EN 285-2008 消毒.蒸汽消毒器.大型消毒器

  EN 285-2008 消毒.蒸汽消毒器.大型消毒器

  BS EN 285:2015+A1:2021

  Sterilization. Steam sterilizers. Large sterilizers

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  Air, Quality, Safety devices, Dimensional tolerances, Air permeability, Medical equipment, Marking, Pressure gauges, Type testing, Equipment safety, Control systems, Noise (environmental), Performance testing, Pressure testing, Leak tests, Steam, Steam sterilizers, Contaminants, Recording instruments (measurement), Design, Temperature-measuring instruments, Performance, Large, Instructions for use, Signal devices, Sterilization (hygiene), Safety measures, Sterilizers, Microbiological analysis

  ICS Codes

  11.080.10 Sterilizing equipment



  International relationships

  Identical to:

  EN 285:2015/A1


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