EN ISO 4641-2011 给排水用橡胶软管和软管组件.规格

  EN ISO 4641-2011 给排水用橡胶软管和软管组件.规格
  Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for water suction and discharge. Specification
  BS EN ISO 4641:2016
  Normative References
  Required to achieve compliance to this standard
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  Informative References
  Provided for Information
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  Product Details
  Marking, Suction hoses, Flexible pipes, Grades (quality), Water, Testing conditions, Reinforced materials, Textiles, Rubber, Pipes, Performance, Temperature, Waste-water drainage, Dimensions, Physical properties of materials, Approval testing
  ICS Codes
  23.040.70 Hoses and hose assemblies
  978 0 580 92777 5