EN 14229-2010 结构木材.架空线用木杆

  EN 14229-2010 结构木材.架空线用木杆
  Structural timber. Wood poles for overhead lines
  BS EN 14229:2010
  Normative References
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  Product Details
  Dimensions, Mechanical testing, Preferred sizes, Communication transmission lines, Modulus of elasticity, Bend testing, Cantilevers, Durability, Electric power transmission lines, Dimensional measurement, Hardwoods, Visual inspection (testing), Flexural strength, Quality control, Wood preservation, Softwoods, Structural timber, Marking, Conformity, Moisture measurement, Overhead power lines, Compression loading, Wood defects, Poles, Wood
  ICS Codes
  29.240.99 Other equipment related to power transmission and distribution networks
  79.080 Semi-manufactures of timber
  978 0 580 60182 8