EN 1817-2020 均质和非均质平面地板弹性铺覆物规范

EN 1817-2020 均质和非均质平面地板弹性铺覆物规范
  Resilient floor coverings. Specification for homogeneous and heterogeneous smooth rubber floor coverings
  BS EN 1817:2020
  Normative References
  Required to achieve compliance to this standard
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  Informative References
  Provided for Information
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  Product Details
  Hardness, Classification systems, Smoothness (surface), Indentations, Dimensional tolerances, Performance, Resilience, Length, Dimensions, Colour fastness, Rolls, Wear resistance, Width, Flooring tiles, Fire resistance, Synthetic rubber, Marking, Thickness, Sheet flooring, Natural rubber, Floor coverings, Flexibility
  ICS Codes
  97.150 Non-textile floor coverings
  978 0 539 04496 6