EN ISO 11681-2-2008 第2部分:林木保养用链锯

  EN ISO 11681-2-2008 第2部分:林木保养用链锯

  BS EN ISO 11681-2:2011+A1:2017

  Machinery for forestry. Portable chain-saw safety requirements and testing – Chain-saws for tree service

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  Portable machine tools, Equipment safety, Forestry equipment, Instructions for use, Safety devices, Chain saws, Handles (tools), Handbooks, Verification, Arboriculture, Performance testing, Marking, Accident prevention, Hazards, Safety measures, Tree surgery, Agricultural equipment, Inspection, Portable, Occupational safety, Cut-out devices, Internal combustion engines

  ICS Codes

  65.060.80 Forestry equipment




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