EN 10346-2009 连续热镀层钢板扁平轧材.技术交付条件

  EN 10346-2009 连续热镀层钢板扁平轧材.技术交付条件

  BS EN 10346:2015 – TC

  Continuously hot-dip coated steel flat products for cold forming. Technical delivery conditions

  Normative References

  Required to achieve compliance to this standard

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  Informative References

  Provided for Information

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  Zinc alloys, Rolled products, Strips, High-tensile steels, Surfaces, Aluminium alloys, Thickness, Surface treatment, Cold-working, Mechanical properties of materials, Low-carbon steels, Metal coatings, Sheet materials, Hot-dip coating, Zinc, Chemical composition, Structural steels, Steels, Coated materials

  ICS Codes

  77.140.50 Flat steel products and semi-products