EN ISO 11111-1-2009 纺织机械.安全要求.第1部分:通用要求

  EN ISO 11111-1-2009 纺织机械.安全要求.第1部分:通用要求

  BS EN ISO 11111-1:2016

  Textile machinery. Safety requirements – Common requirements

  Normative References

  Required to achieve compliance to this standard

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  ISO 5232

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  Equipment safety, Health and safety requirements, Weaving machinery, Textile machinery and accessories, Beaming machines, Cards (textile machinery), Dyeing, Winding machines, Textile manufacturing processes, Spinning machinery, Warping machinery, Knitting machinery, Hazards, Textile finishing machinery, Occupational safety, Safety measures

  ICS Codes

  59.120.01 Textile machinery in general



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  EN ISO 11111-1 (ISO 11111-1:2016)AS

  ISO 11111-1:2016


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