EN 13389-2009 食品加工机械.带横柄的搅拌器.安全性和卫生要求

  EN 13389-2009 食品加工机械.带横柄的搅拌器.安全性和卫生要求
  Food processing machinery. Mixers with horizontal shafts. Safety and hygiene requirements
  BS EN 13389:2005+A1:2009
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  Provided for Information
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  Product Details
  Instructions for use, Maintenance, Hygiene, Noise (environmental), Verification, Equipment safety, Cleaning, Bowls, Hazards, Bakery equipment, Food manufacturing equipment, Design, Shafts (rotating), Ergonomics, Horizontal, Occupational safety, Safety measures, Food mixers, Electrical safety
  ICS Codes
  67.260 Plants and equipment for the food industry
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