EN 15632-4-2022 第4部分:带金属管道的熔接系统.试验方法和要求

  EN 15632-4-2022 第4部分:带金属管道的熔接系统.试验方法和要求

  BS EN 15632-4:2022 – TC

  District heating pipes. Factory made flexible pipe systems – Bonded system with metal service pipes; requirements and test methods

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  Thermal insulating materials, Heat pipes, Casing pipes, Underground, Bonding, Thermal insulation, District heating, Water, Pipelines, Hot-water supply systems, Pipes, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Space-heating systems, Metals, Pipework systems, Flexible pipes

  ICS Codes

  23.040.07 Pipelines and its parts for district heat




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